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AAA evaluates your facilities and operations to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of your sanitation programs, infrastructure, and equipment. Areas of assessment include tools, procedures, documentation (including SSOP’s and MSS), infrastructure, and staffing (including hourly staffing).


Based on assessments and recommendations, AAA builds a training program customized to fit your facility and company needs.


If desired, AAA will conduct periodic assessments at your facility to ensure the continuous improvement of your Sanitation Programs.

Effective sanitation programs are key, but the pressure for increased production requires lean and efficient processes from your cleaning staff.

AAA also offers customized Sanitation Programs and Implementation packages by our highly skilled personnel to assist with developing those processes.


We supervise personnel at the Site to ensure that the Services are performed in accordance with the standard practices.

We are very strict with time, budget, and access restrictions.

Our experience saves you time and money.


AAA SANITATION outlines the various programs put in place to ensure that wholesome & safe food products are manufactured at your facility.  In particular, the systems and programs which have been established to rinse, wash, and sanitize all equipment and areas contained within the facility.

Specific cleaning procedures for each piece of equipment are detailed and the various systems used to perform the cleaning and sanitizing tasks are described.



Each service includes an initial assessment to determine where the greatest risks lie.



We work with the sanitation, quality, and operations

team members to develop a strategic plan of

action that addresses those risks and allows

the customer to maintain it into the future,

based on details and data.


Educate and Implement

Our experts educate customers and team

members on plan details with emphasis on

the most effective ways to clean, document

procedures, and efficiently execute. Team

members are instructed with classroom

training and practicals or a combination of

both. We assist with implementing a plan in a

sustainable way that allows customers to retain their

success long after we leave.



Lastly, we verify results for the customer, evaluating the

effectiveness of the current plan and identifying areas for

ongoing improvement, if necessary.

Continuous Improvement is at the center of our OPERATIONS